About Us

Josh Alexander, CPA

Josh started the firm on a mission to help clients see accounting as a value-adding function of their businesses, not as necessary nuisance. He also wants to make sense of seemingly complicated accounting transactions, not just in providing one-time answers, but also by delivering a meaningful education that can enrich their operations.

Before launching the firm, Josh spent a decade leading cross-functional teams and process improvement projects within accounting departments. His work of overseeing accounting teams was critical to ensuring procedures were properly implemented and followed. He has a track record for creating a culture of high-quality customer service.

Josh has a strong track record in working with companies of all sizes. The Harding University graduate has provided compilation, review and tax services for small businesses. He also is skilled in handling projects, planning engagements and drafting analytical reports for middle-market companies.

During the past decade, Josh has seen an increased level of automation over standard accounting processes and controls. It’s a change that he’s enthusiastically embracing. “While process automation does not completely replace the judgment of a human, we are seeing a rapid shift to automated processes,” Josh says. “Our firm is very excited to be positioned at the forefront of this technology and to serve as a leader in this area.”

Doug Williams, CPA

What Doug enjoys most about working with clients is understanding their businesses and seeing their enthusiasm for growing their operations. As an accountant, he knows how valuable his skillset can be in helping those clients achieve their goals.

Doug has developed financial statement audits for every major industry, including manufacturing, oil and gas, residential and commercial housing, health care, technology, government and nonprofits. That broad-based knowledge of accounting systems and internal controls in various industries has proven valuable to the firm in winning the trust of new clients.

Doug is in a position to help companies analyze their financial performances and make strategic decisions based on his accounting insights. He has a history of performing detailed reviews of SEC quarterly and annual filings, which are critical for investors and stockholders in analyzing whether or not to invest in a client’s business. The University of Oklahoma graduate has extensive knowledge of U.S. GAAP, U.S. GAAS, PCAOB auditing standards, SEC regulations, SSARS, GAS, GAGAS and IFRS.

Doug says he’s noticed a lack of efficiency in the accounting industry. As a partner in this firm, Doug hopes to eliminate many of the repetitive accounting tasks that waste time and money; he is working to position the firm as a leader in process automation.