Accounting & Tax Services

Save time and money with tailored accounting services designed to help you make better decisions.

Ever wonder why some companies tend to stay head and shoulders above their competitors, regardless of the economic climate? Much of it has to do with their business strategy driven by accounting insights. A decision based on sound accounting advice is the difference between better and best, it’s the gap from good to great, and being on par with competition or driving disruption.

Your distinct value proposition to customers can unravel quickly with poor accounting practices and advice. The mere fact that you’ve visited our site means you’re on the right path to making better business decisions.

With our suite of accounting services, marketing managers can have data to help price products and assess their profitability. Have you wondered how low can you drop prices and still be profitable? Our accounting services can help answer that.

Your production managers also can use accounting data to better manage quality, costs and assure on-time delivery of products. General managers can use accounting data to measure employee performance and create more effective incentives to drive stronger performance.

We know that companies in growth mode, like you, need as much flexibility as possible. That’s why we tailor our services — and fee arrangements — to meet your specific needs. Take the next step and let’s discuss how we can work together.

Income Tax Services

Our firm and associates provide tax support services.  We can supply tax planning support for individual and business needs from the simple to the complex.

Tax Service Offerings

  • Individual Returns – 1040
  • Partnership Returns – 1065
  • Partnership Returns – K1
  • S Corporation Returns – 1120S
  • Non-Profit Returns – 990
  • Bookkeeping/Reporting support

At Alexander & Williams, we can work with all individuals and industry types, from realtors to property investors, to individuals and small business owners.